Married Life // Living Spaces

It’s happening. Mr. Lovely and I are getting itchy for a new place. This always happens! We’ve been so fortunate to always find great little apartments that are just perfect for us, and our place now is no exception. We’ve got enough space, a little patio that is filled with plants, big windows with lots […]

Married Life // Dating

Mr. Lovely and I are serious homebodies. We have a home that we love to spend time in, just being comfy and together. So sometimes we have to make an actual effort to get ourselves dressed and up and out of the house, especially when it comes to going on official “dates.” Do you still […]

Married Life // Overshares

So I’ve been getting lots of questions about Mr. Lovely lately, and how he feels about this here little blog series on our marriage. Some folks ask if he’s cool with what I share, or if he knows what I’m going to write about before I write it, or if he thinks it’s too much. […]

Married Life // Valentine’s Day

Are you married or in a long-term relationship? I’m kinda curious how everyone else in the same boat celebrates Valentine’s Day. For some reason, Mr. Lovely and I have always kept it low-key; it’s right after Christmas and right before my birthday, so it feels like a bit much. That, and I feel like we […]

Married Life // Together Goals

Photos by Smilebooth For the last couple of years, Mr. Lovely and I have had chats in December about how we want the coming year to be. Whether it’s goals for our businesses, or our individual lives, or our life together, we just toss things around and it’s kind of awesome to check in with […]

Married Life // Stress

Okay. We’ve been on each other’s nerves lately. Let’s be real — it happens. I think that Mr. Lovely and I have a (so far) pretty happy and well-adjusted marriage going. But I’m not afraid to admit that it’s been intense lately with both of us juggling pretty huge projects, and being just a bit […]

Married Life // Traveling Together

Mr. Lovely and I literally met on a bus. I was joining the cast of a national theatrical tour that he was already a part of, and I joined the company on a bus in Wausaw, Wisconsin. So you could say that traveling together was part of our story from the very beginning. I think […]