Married Life // Birthdays

Now that we’re old married people, I almost can’t even remember how we used to celebrate each other’s birthdays when we started dating. Oh wait! Yes I do. We were living in NYC and every birthday was a shindig out at a bar or restaurant, where whoever’s birthday it wasn’t did all the planning and inviting […]

Ask Me Anything

Hey Monday lovers! More fun news with regards to some upcoming changes around these parts — I’m finally putting together an FAQ section! I get lots of questions about blog stuff, travel stuff, photo stuff, and just normal people stuff, so I figured it was high time to get it all answered. So if you […]

We’re in the Finals!

Hey gang! In case you haven’t heard yet, we have some fun news: Lovely Indeed is a top ten finalist for Better Homes and Gardens’ favorite DIY blog! How fun is that? We’re in a group with some insanely heavy hitters and lots of my very favorite bloggers. I’m so pumped just to be in […]

Lovely Up Your Inbox

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies! I’ve got some fun news for ya. I’ve been hinting at a few fun changes to come here on the ol’ blog, and we’re starting to roll some of them out! First up, a Lovely Indeed newsletter! I know what you’re thinking — more junk in my inbox. But hold up. We’ve […]

Married Life // Looking Good

Before we start, can we just acknowledge that we looked like absolute children on our wedding day? Geez when did I get so old?! Something tells me this one might get some strong opinions in the comments, and I’m all for that. But it’s been on my mind lately so I want to know your […]

Henry // Two Months

Our baby guy hit the two month mark a few days ago! That’s bizarre — I’m pretty sure it was just the other day that we brought him home from the hospital and were walking him back and forth across the floor all night to get him to stop crying. Sometimes I look at him […]

Married Life // New Baby

  Woah guys. I have so much to say on this subject it might as well be its own column. Ryan and I have been through a good number of changes and adventures — jobs traveling the country & overseas, cross-country moves, new homes, and more. But nothing, nothing has been more intense than the experience […]