Married Life // Getting Ready for Baby

I mean, is there such a thing as being “ready” for a baby? I’m starting to think not. You can pick the name, put together the crib (or watch your husband put together the crib), and paint the walls, but I don’t feel like any of that means you’re ready. But still, we’re trying to […]

How to Move Like a Pro // Essentials

Between the two of us combined, Ryan and I have moved a total of 12 times since we graduated college. Some of them were just a few blocks away, like when we moved from 184th to 181st in NYC. And some of them were across state lines (or across the country… twice). Suffice it to […]


Guys, I have thoughts today and I’m gonna share. There’s this thing that’s been happening to me lately (or a thing I’ve been doing to myself?) where I get weirdly obsessed when I think about posting an Instagram photo. It’s starting to weigh on my mind. While I’m out taking photos, I almost get too […]

Moving Day!

It’s happening! Everything is boxed and wrapped and today’s the day we get to haul it all to the new house. Even though we won’t be officially moving in for a couple of weeks (we’re waiting for floors to be refinished), I’m so glad to start the process. It’s a beautiful fresh start, and the […]

The Yellow Conference

I’m so excited today, because I’m heading to a brand new conference and I can’t wait. The Yellow Conference is here in the LA area and it’s meant for women who want to “bring goodness to the world through everyday living.” You’ve got to read the rest of their mission statement — that alone is […]

Year Three

Photo by Rusty Lens Photography This little post could get dangerous, what with all the pregnancy hormones running around in m’bod. But I could never let an anniversary go by without a tiny tribute to my very favorite (plus, ya know, any excuse to re-share one of our wedding photos…). This is the last anniversary […]

Married Life // Big Changes

Mr. Lovely and I tend to kind of go big or go home. Throughout the course of our dating and marriage, we’ve chosen some crazy paths — working in China together for a few months, going on U.S. tours together, moving from NYC to LA, and marriage and now babies and all of that. And […]