The Yellow Conference

I’m so excited today, because I’m heading to a brand new conference and I can’t wait. The Yellow Conference is here in the LA area and it’s meant for women who want to “bring goodness to the world through everyday living.” You’ve got to read the rest of their mission statement — that alone is […]

Year Three

Photo by Rusty Lens Photography This little post could get dangerous, what with all the pregnancy hormones running around in m’bod. But I could never let an anniversary go by without a tiny tribute to my very favorite (plus, ya know, any excuse to re-share one of our wedding photos…). This is the last anniversary […]

Married Life // Big Changes

Mr. Lovely and I tend to kind of go big or go home. Throughout the course of our dating and marriage, we’ve chosen some crazy paths — working in China together for a few months, going on U.S. tours together, moving from NYC to LA, and marriage and now babies and all of that. And […]

This Week // 29

This week I can still see my toes, but just barely! This week was full of meetings, work, brainstorming, adventures, and moving & baby prep (which is, in itself, a full-time job.) This week all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch. Sometimes I did. This week I was totally inspired by […]

A New (Old) Home

Well y’all, we were getting itchy for a new place to live with baby coming and all, and we found one! In our own backyard. Well, kind of. It actually is our own backyard. Let me explain. I’ve actually owned a home in Central California during the time that we’ve lived in NYC and LA, and […]

Did You Ever Think You’d Be Where You Are?

I was sitting on the couch the other night next to Mr. Lovely, getting through one of my last bouts of evening queasiness (yeah, morning sickness ain’t just for mornings, y’all), and I asked him whether he’d ever envisioned what life would be like with a pregnant wife. Like, before we knew each other. He said […]

Real Talk

Well phooey. I had this great DIY idea to share with you guys today and it was one of those projects that I just kept trying and trying and it kept not working and not working and finally I just tossed up my hands and decided to talk about something else. Because a DIY whatever […]