Four Things

Because I like ‘em. And also because I’m up to my ears in boxes to unpack. But these things were begging to be shared. Happy hump day! xoxo Golden rock box. Notting Hill car. New York City. Felt alphabet.

Two Quick Things

Hey hey, it’s Friday! And so to let you get on with your Fridaying, I just have two things to say. Thing one: I have decided that a fall color palette doesn’t have to be all oranges and yellows and browns. I accidentally pinned all of these pinks and corals and neturals and navies on […]

Coffee Table Books

It’s funny how as you get older the things that you collect change. I used to really not get the whole coffee table book thing, and now I love it. I love being surrounded by these books that are so inspiring and full of beautiful images, and I find myself flipping through them again and […]

A List to Cure the Monday Blues

What? Monday?! When did this happen? Let’s keep it simple today. If you’ve got the Monday ickies, here’s a good ol’ list of thoughts that are keeping me going this morning. Maybe it’ll help you too. Can you tell I’m so ready for summer? LA is hovering now in the low 70’s, and I know […]

Joni Mitchell

Are you guys music lovers? Music is so a part of my life I need it like water. I was actually a music major in college, and it’s still part of my profession at times. Mr. Lovely and I are always listening to records & the radio, making up songs, or plunking stuff out on […]

Pinterest Party

Brace yourself, guys — I’m getting all fancy with my Pinterest boards lately. I decided to do this experiment where I try to pin things all in one color palette for a short period of time. Have you ever tried that? It happened once by accident for me and I thought it looked so pretty […]

Meet/Make/Do Snippets

We met. We made. We did. I’m actually writing this at about 6:00 am on Sunday, the day after we arrived home from Meet/Make/Do. And I thought that this morning I’d wake up super late, so glad to be in my own bed, feeling happy that the event was successful but excited to be back […]