New House Sneak Peek Before Photos

Okay, gang. It’s just a big empty space right now. And there’s dust everywhere and no doors on any rooms and the bathroom doesn’t have a floor. But its ours and I love it. I wanted to share some of these crazy (and maybe slightly terrifying) peeks at the new house in its current state! […]

DIY Gold Marbled Pencil Cup

I’m going back to my DIY roots, y’all. Last week it was leather, this week it’s liquid gold. Two of my favorite DIY supplies, and they’ve been sadly waiting for me in my closet until I got inspired to use them again. Well it’s on, dudes. After these marbled candleholders, I got to wondering if […]

Dreaming of Home

I’m going slightly crazy. Remember how we talked about dealing with change, and how the toughest part is the transition where you’re stuck in the in-between? I feel like I’m stuck in the deepest in-between I could imagine right now, and it’s starting to drive me a little loco. We know we are moving but […]

Baby Boy’s Nursery Inspiration

I’m so pumped to share this little inspiration board with you today — Mr. Lovely and I have had such a blast putting together ideas for the little guy’s room. We really want it to be a place that we like to hang out (because chances are we’ll be spending a good amount of time […]

Making the Walls Happy

I love to rearrange our house around all the time. One day these pillows are over there, then the chairs move, then the art gets all switched around. Kind of keeps me from getting bored. I recently received this totally lovely print from Cardelucci and it was just begging me to move the stuff on the […]

DIY Indigo Shibori Dyed Placemats

This is the last of our DIY indigo shibori dyeing projects, and I still can’t get enough. It’s so fun to mess with patterns while you dip dye things — completely addictive. And I totally dig the boho feel that these DIY placemats bring to a table setting. Let’s do it! Materials painter’s dropcloth (or […]

DIY Indigo Shibori Dyed Kitchen Towels

Okay, guys. I was totally scared of the whole indigo shibori dye trend because it just seems like it’s too hard, right? Then I tried it and got totally hooked. Seriously. I was supposed to make one project with this stuff; I made four. I just couldn’t stop! Once you get going, I promise you’ll want […]