Joni Mitchell

Are you guys music lovers? Music is so a part of my life I need it like water. I was actually a music major in college, and it’s still part of my profession at times. Mr. Lovely and I are always listening to records & the radio, making up songs, or plunking stuff out on […]

Midas Would Be Proud

So I have this addiction to office supplies (clearly evidenced by this post last week). I just can’t stop! I don’t know why, but there’s something so satisfying about bringing home a new notebook or some fresh pencils or a new sharp pair of pretty scissors. Truth be told, I probably have enough notebooks to […]

DIY Gold Leaf Art

For the last 6 or 8 months, there has been this massive canvas hanging in our bedroom. For a while it was completely blank, just hanging there. Then I did this project on it, which I loved, but didn’t quite fit with the vibe of our bedroom. So I finally decided to paint right over […]

My Holiday Mantle & An Invitation

We don’t have a fireplace in our apartment, but I wish so hard that we did. I have a thing for fireplaces. Like a┬áserious love of sitting by the fire. A couple of friends just renovated their house and were getting rid of their mantle facade, and you better believe Mr. Lovely and I buzzed […]

DIY Dahlia and Amaranthus Bouquet

You may remember that I have a proclivity towards flowers that look like they came from a Dr. Seuss book. So on a recent trip to the flower market, I saw these dahlias and I completely stopped short. These actually reminded me of a Van Gogh painting. They were so gorgeous in a totally crazy, […]

DIY Peony Bouquet

Note! Yes, I know peony season is pretty much over. I wrote this post a few weeks ago and it somehow got shoved to the end of the line! But it’s too pretty not to share. So don’t be scared to substitute some other blooms for peonies — open roses or something similar would do […]

A Few Little Things

Lately, I have found a few tiny things to keep around my desk that are making me happy, so I thought I’d share! I love stocking my desk with things that I love to use — it helps me get more done when I’m inspired by what’s surrounding me. These colorful bits and pieces are […]