DIY Vanity from a Vintage Sewing Table

When we were living in LA, Mr. Lovely and I were making the yard sale rounds one weekend morning and stumbled on this vintage sewing machine table. I was needing a little furniture piece to house my jewelry and accessories, and I thought it might work well. We asked the guy how much he wanted […]

Before + After // Our Living Room and Office

Doesn’t it just feel so good when you move into a new place and finally things start coming together? It always takes me a million years to get a room to a place where I love it (and even then I am a chronic rearranger). Sometimes I just have a heck of a time committing […]

Little Guy’s Nursery

Wanna know something crazy? In the mornings, sometimes I wake up and the first thing I do is go sit in this room and just look around. Isn’t that bonkers? In probably just a few days I’ll be chained to the rocking chair for hours on end and all I want to do right now […]

DIY Laundry Room Cabinet

Welcome back gang! I’m so excited to finally share the rest of this hacky little project! Mr. Lovely and I had a ball putting together different pieces from Wayfair to outfit out laundry room, and¬†ohmygosh is it way more functional now. In case you missed it yesterday, here’s the laundry room before: Pretty much a […]

DIY Laundry Room Shelf

It happened! There is officially one room in our house that is completely, totally done. And wouldn’t you know it — it’s the laundry room. Because laundry is the most important thing? I don’t know. But who cares, because it’s done and I love it! I was pumped to partner with Wayfair to bring a […]

Hunting for a Baby Friendly Coffee Table

I know, I know. The kid isn’t even born yet and I’m looking for baby friendly furniture. But with a 4 year old niece and a 1 year old nephew who live around the corner and come to visit often, I feel like we might as well get a jump on it. My sister and […]

Sneak Peek // Nursery Gallery Wall

Things in the house are coming together, and our latest excitement is over a gallery wall that we put together for the kiddo’s room. It’s funny. When you’re in a new house and your belongings are just living in piles, nailing a few things into the wall makes you feel beyond accomplished. Even if it’s […]