sondheim bomb

I’ve been rolling a bunch of Sondheim lyrics around in my head lately.  I mean, this guy somehow knows magic things about life and is able to put them into words and then set them to the most extraordinary music you’ve ever heard.  So I’m hitting you with a Sondheim bomb.  I included this a […]


Do you know Sinatra’s song “That’s Life?”  Some friends and I were talking the other night, and I realized that it’s sort of the perfect description of how life is rolling along right now.  There are some pretty extreme highs and lows these days, but you know what?  There always are.  And I kind of […]

Our Town

This little excerpt from Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town is almost too much to handle — like trying to look at a beautiful light that’s just too bright.  But it also somehow summarizes exactly how I feel about life.  Don’t you wish you could appreciate every single little thing?  I think some people know how.  […]

higher fives!

I think today calls for high fives.  I feel like sometimes we (especially women) work and work and work and pass over the little good things that happen because we think they’re not big enough good things.  So I think some high fives are in order! {Higher Fives by Ed Nacional.} I didn’t book any […]

the fire escape

So here’s a fun story (and by fun, I mean awful).  When I take photos in my apartment for all of those DIY projects I do, I usually have to take them on the fire escape because it is literally the only place where there’s any decent natural light (the joys of an airshaft-facing apartment).  […]


I don’t really make resolutions or goals for the New Year, because I do that here.  But in 2012, this is sort of the way I’d like to live my life.  xoxo

john steinbeck on love

Letters of Note recently posted an amazing letter from John Steinbeck in response to one from his son, Thom.  Thom wrote his father about a girl at boarding school, with whom he thought he had fallen in love.  Steinbeck’s response is absolute beauty. New York November 10, 1958 Dear Thom: We had your letter this […]