Out & About // Hinoki & the Bird

Happy President’s Day! Since today’s a big beautiful vacation day for most of you, I thought I’d just share a bit about what Mr. Lovely and I did on Valentine’s Day. We wanted to do something a tiny bit special but still pretty chill, so we headed to a V-Day lunch at a spot we’ve […]

DIY… Gin?

Yes, friends. DIY gin. Mr. Lovely happens to have a soft spot in his heart for a good swig of gin. (I think he thinks it’s manly and debonair. Lucky for him, I agree.) His good pal and business partner recently sent over The Homemade Gin Kit, and no joke — my dude’s eyes lit up […]

Family Recipes // Grammie’s Apple Pie

Last year right around this time, I made my first ever pie. It’s my Grammie’s family-famous apple pie recipe, and it’s kind of a big deal in my neck of the woods. When I told my mom last year I wanted to try it her response was a semi-frightened look and, “Are you sure?” Yeah, Grammie’s […]

Family Recipes // Kale & Barley Soup

Now if I’m being honest, this soup is known in my family as “Grandma’s Green Soup.” But I didn’t think that would get very many people excited. So Kale & Barley soup it is. I feel like my Grandma always had a pot of soup on the stove. And this was one she was particularly […]

Family Recipes // Pumpkin Nut Roll

I come from a long line of women on both sides of my family who are absolute warriors in the kitchen. On my mom’s side, my Grammie and her sisters would always call each other back and forth to ask about how many teaspoons of this or that spice was in whatever recipe they were […]