DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

Ah, the perfect addition to our Manly Man Apron! You know what my Dad always notices about a really beautiful wrapping job? Absolutely nothing. So I think this year I’m just going to stick this really cool gift tag on whatever I give him and see how that goes. This one’s super simple. We’re using […]

DIY Manly Man Apron

Father’s Day’s a-comin’, so let’s make something manly for a change! This dude apron is perfect for your husband or dad, especially if he loves meat. It’s kind of an homage to a carnivore, if you will. It’s also an awesome sewing project because all you need is a flour sack towel and some black […]

Dude DIY: Arrow Marquee Light

After doing a ton of thrifting and flea marketing when we first moved to LA, Mr. Lovely found himself totally jonesing for one of those vintage marquee lights. They’re pretty popular right now, and you can get a handmade reproduction for a few hundred bucks, but that’s just a little too tough on the pocketbook […]

manly man valentines

Okay guys, if you remember last year, you know that Mr. Lovely and I like to DIY our Valentines.  But if you have a dude in your life that you’d like to get a little gifty for and you’re just stuck, you’ve come to the right place.  Check out my picks for A Very Manly […]

lovely indeed gift guides: dude gifts

Ever have trouble shopping for the dudes in your life?  Hopefully this little guide will help you out a bit; we’ve got something for everybody, from super-manly to kinda-silly.  Take a peek and give with love.  xoxo 1.  Wooden Sunglasses from Tumbleweeds Oddities.  2.  Embossed Anchor International Wallet from Jack Spade.  3.  C-3PO Flash Drive […]