Business Cards // Gold Heart Giveaway

Update! Winners have been chosen and will be contacted individually! Thanks to all for playing along.

Lupa & Pepi Business Cards

Lovely Indeed Business Cards

Have you ever worked on a project that was really important to you, and in the end been so happy with the result you can’t stop looking at it? Working on my business cards with Rachel from Lupa & Pepi kind of felt like that! It actually sort of felt similar to when we got our wedding photos back — I just kept flipping through them over and over.

Lovely Indeed Business Cards

We met Rachel last year at Alt and became buddies right away. She’s got a fantastic papergoods shop and an eye for awesome design, so Mr. Lovely and I were stoked when she agreed to design our business cards! (Roundhouse Designs also did her website, so you should see what they put together.) If you have a sec, you should read the story behind Lupa & Pepi, because it’s kind of adorable.

Rachel nailed it on the letterpress that I was looking for, and I want to hand these things out like candy! For Alt, I jazzed up the cards a little bit with a handmade sleeve. But the best part was a little leather and gold leaf heart clips that I made to go with the cards! By the end of the conference, I was seeing those little hearts on sweaters, in hair, and on bags. I loved that people loved them.

Lovely Indeed Business Cards

Lovely Indeed Business Cards

So you want one?! I’m giving away fiveΒ of them — one each for the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Here’s the deal:

  • To win one here, just leave a comment.
  • To win one on Facebook, make sure you like Lovely IndeedΒ and write a note on the wall.
  • To win one on Twitter, follow and tweet at me.
  • To win one on Pinterest, follow me there, pin one of these photos, and tag me in it.
  • To win one on Instagram, first follow me, then Instagram a heart shape and tag me in it!

Easy peasy! Entries will close Sunday the 3rd at 6 p.m. PST and the winners will be announced on Monday. Have fun! xoxo

DIY Leather and Gold Leaf Heart Clip

  1. Oh my goodness…your cards are lovely.
    And that cute little heart is to die for!! <3

  2. Rachel on said:

    So flattered that receiving your business cards was on the same level as receiving your wedding photos! (blush!) Personally, I am obsessed with your gold leaf leather heart. Can we start gold leaf-ing everything?

  3. Shelley T. on said:

    Aw they’re wonderful!

  4. Elaine Costa on said:

    Attractive, fun, classy, bright, happy!

  5. Ashley on said:

    I would love a heart!

  6. Heather on said:

    They are truly Lovely Indeed πŸ™‚ Would love a <3!…

  7. Kristin W. on said:

    These are lovely. The heart clips add a special touch!

  8. Wendy Arens on said:

    Your cards are amazing! You should be very proud how they turned out. The Heart clips are a wonderful addition!

  9. your cards are truly lovely! and the heart is such a fun bonus.

  10. Jessica on said:

    I’m in the midst of designing business cards of my own, so this inspiration comes at the perfect time. Yours turned out so wonderful! And the hearts? The perfect touch to ensure a memorable meeting!

  11. Oh yes! Yes I DO want to win one! Sweet little treasure to take wherever you go..

  12. Kate on said:

    Totally Lovely Indeed!!! They are stunning! x

  13. Emmy on said:

    Cute! <3 to sport the gold <3!

  14. Your business cards look so fresh, sweet, classic and lovely at the same time. It was so clever of you to add the heart clip. I’d love to win one πŸ™‚

  15. maribeth on said:

    Great job on the cards! They are too cute!

  16. Emily on said:

    So cute!

  17. Kyla on said:

    These are SO cute – I love how unique the heart makes them! I’d love to win one πŸ™‚

  18. Chloe Moon on said:

    I would absolutely love a heart!! =)

  19. Jenny on said:

    Lovely, indeed! I love your creative flair- it’s inspiring and I love to share what I find here. Thank you and great work πŸ™‚

  20. Hug on said:

    These business cards are so pretty
    I love the imprint

  21. Zhi Yi on said:

    I stumbled upon your blog about 4 or 5 months ago and have found lovely of all shades splattered on my life <3 thank you for your wonderful work xoxo

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