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Manhattan Beach Bike Path

The husb and I spent a couple days recently in Manhattan Beach with my sister and her family. They rented this pretty boss beach house for their family vacay and we obviously went and crashed it. One day while the kiddos were napping Mr. Lovely and I snuck out with our bikes to ride the bike path.

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Okay first of all, that path is amazing! It goes for miles and miles and passes really cool stuff like the 90120 beach house, which you will only appreciate if you are old like me. And it’s smooth and beautiful and it has mile markers so you know how far you’ve gone. It’s awesome. If you’re in Manhattan beach, you should at least rent some bikes for a while and take a cruise.

And speaking of bikes, I keep meaning to share more about the best bike in all the land, A.K.A. The Bike that My Husband and Parents Got Me For My Birthday (months ago). It’s probably the best bike I’ve ever ridden — it’s The Crosby from Pure City Cycles, and oh my gosh is it a dream. I have all of these bike DIY ideas stored up to make for it, to share with all y’all who are bike fans too. So stay tuned there. But for now we just took it on a field trip to the beach and it was the best. Enjoy some more gratuitous photos and have a gorgeous day! xoxo

Manhattan Beach Bike Path
Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

  1. Biking from Torrance Beach to Manhattan Beach was my favorite thing as a kid. Loved this post 🙂

  2. Brittni on said:

    Love these photos, Chels, especially the one of you and Ryan together. Looks like a nice place to visit…and because I am also old, I can appreciate the 90210 beach house. 🙂

  3. haha Gotta love that Grateful Dead t-shirt! Great pictures, beautiful!

  4. Laura D on said:

    That photo of you and Ryan is honest-to-goodness one of the best photos of the two of you, EVER. I’m not sure just what makes it so perfect, but it is. You guys are delightful.

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