A Few Little Things

Lately, I have found a few tiny things to keep around my desk that are making me happy, so I thought I’d share! I love stocking my desk with things that I love to use — it helps me get more done when I’m inspired by what’s surrounding me. These colorful bits and pieces are some of my new faves.

Those Map Notes are so cool — Maptote makes them for a bunch of different cities and states! You should check if they have yours. And I’m loving those little notes from pixelimpress. They came in the gift bag from Alt For Everyone. Come to think of it, those little flags did too but I can’t remember who made them. Anybody know? Leave it in the comments if you do!


I found the gold paper clips at Office Depot and just couldn’t resist. The Thanks stamp and the pens & pencils are just from the dollar aisle at Target. I love that they’re stepping up their design game and carrying such cool stuff at a great price point. It’s fun to find little treasures there when you’re trying to save a buck.


things4What about you? What do you love to keep at your desk? xoxo


  1. On my desk I always have a notebook and some pens. I need to write everything because I foget a lot of things hahaha

    Maria x


  2. Ummm Office Depot has gold paper clips!? WHAT!? Best news I’ve heard all day.

  3. I love happy office supplies! Shopping for back to school supplies used to be my FAVE. I love those gold paper clips–and you still have peonies (!!)

  4. I am obsessed with Post It notes. I love the pop up kind. The 2×2 are super cute as well.

  5. AHHHHH!!! Where did you get those pencils?! They are SO cute! I want some!