you bettah celebrate!

You guys! We took a serious walk down memory lane yesterday, and it was cathartic and everything, but today, let’s just celebrate. For a while we were planning a New Year’s Eve in our pajamas with some champagne, but plans changed and we are so, so stoked to be heading to the Golden Stag party […]

be a sponsor while i’m at alt summit!

January is going to be awesome. I feel good things on the horizon, and I’m so stoked to be going to (and speaking at!) Alt Summit! I’m also anticipating some super-fun stuff here on the blog (new columns, fun features, and awesome DIYs), and I want you to be a part of it. So if […]

2012 in Review

I think I grew up this year. I mean, I’ve been an adult for a long time now, doing adult-type things and making adult-type choices. But this year I was hit with some new ones, and to be honest, it wasn’t easy or comfortable. Not that I had a terrible year! It’s not that at […]

2012’s Greatest Hits // Married Life

Just one more walk down memory lane for you! I’ve so enjoyed the conversations we’ve had here on the Married Life column. Seriously, there have been days that your comments guided me and kept me sane! And beyond that, it’s so wonderful to learn about you, your families, and your lives. If you missed them, here […]

merry merry

Image via Joy Laforme. Oh my lovelies, it’s Christmas Eve. I know that not all of you celebrate Christmas, but I hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing this evening is full of love and happiness and cheer. I am so excited to take some time to be with family and enjoy […]

this week

Seriously, I’m getting the best of all worlds this Christmas season. Last week and early this week we were running around NYC, soaking up the festivities and taking in sights like this one… And now we’re home with family for a quiet, happy Christmas, just like I like it. We got into town last night […]

Make & Give // DIY Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

We’re coming down to the gifting wire, and if you’re still looking for something to give, today’s DIY is beyond simple (and it seems so fancy!). So if there’s someone on your list who loves coffee or tea, this might just be up your alley. Today we’re doing a vanilla bean simple syrup! Grab your […]