halloween 1982

And as one final wish for some happy haunting this evening, I’ll leave you with this photo of me and my sister from Halloween 1982. She went as an adorable ballerina, and we may never know what I went as because I apparently refused to get into my costume (which I’m sure my poor sweet […]

happy halloween!

What are your plans tonight? Out on the town? Masked ball? Maybe just staying home to field the adorable trick-or-treaters? Whatever your plans, have a safe and happy Halloween! Here’s a little something to get you in the spirit. xoxo Bat. Stairs. Burglars. Spider Ring. Black Pumpkin. Boo/Eek. Coaster. Masks.

out & about // pumpkin patch

If you’re in the Toluca Lake area, you should stop by the Pumpkin Patch! We took a quick trip there for Mr. Lovely’s recent birthday, and had a pretty great time. The patch obviously has a ton of pumpkins (in all shapes, sizes, and colors), but it also has a haunted maze and a petting […]

diy chalkboard quote

Those of you who are hardcore Lovely Indeed readers might remember our engagement shots from waaaay back in the day! Well, the bathroom in our new apartment needed a little something on the walls, so I dug out the chalkboard that we used in our photos and put something new on it. I dug through […]

brighten up // highlighter

This color is so bam that we only needed a few things to get the point across. The dip-dyed stool is pretty killer, and I love that little lacy something-or-another. But that neon quartz?! That thing is kuh-razy. I can’t get over it! And I just think the color against that gray background is perfect. So […]

this week

Phewph. This week the madness ended. I feel like we’ve been on a treadmill since about August, with something happening every weekend, trips all over the place, and people coming and going. It’s all been wonderful stuff, but kind of nonstop. So this week, we settled down. We’ve got one more weekend of performances for […]

today’s debate // 7

Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on the sublime, the ridiculous, and everything in between! Today I want to know how you like to spend your Halloween. Trick or Treaters. Girl. For the last few years, we lived in NYC and so I would avoid going out on Halloween at all costs. There’s […]