this week

I felt like returning to the Friday Favorites vibe for this week, so here are my faves! What were some of your favorite things from your week? And if you need some inspiration, some of my favorite things on the web this week. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo I want every single one of these. […]

today’s debate // 4

Hey hey hey, it’s my favorite Friday tradition! Thanks for all of your input on last week’s debate — it made me feel like not such a loser. Today, a topic near and dear to my heart, because it’s got to do with the DIY world. Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on […]

food // boba tea

Have you ever had boba? I know it’s not for everybody, but I am such a fan of that delicious tea with those cute little bubbles at the bottom! For those of you who don’t know, boba tea (or bubble tea) is basically flavored iced tea with milk and tapioca pearls at the bottom. I’m […]

make things happen + call for sponsors

It’s that time again! Lovely Indeed is setting up fall partnerships with awesome businesses and blogs, and you should be one of them. If your biz or blog needs a little boost, let’s work it out! There are about a million creative things we could do to spotlight you, your talents, or your product. I […]

style // feeling weekendy

I like using the word weekend as more than just a noun. I like it as a verb, too. Like, “I’m weekending in the Hamptons.” Or it can be a state of mind! An adjective, like, “I’m feeling pretty weekendy.” You know, kind of easy-breezy and laid back. That’s what this outfit is. Weekendy. Isn’t […]

more niece

You guys, I have to apologize if you’re getting tired of seeing photos of my niece. It’s just that she’s one of my favorite subjects because she’s so fun and unpredictable! Like that first photo of her on the bench below. I mean, she marched right up to that bench and posed for me. Crazy! […]

diy vintage trunk restyle

This little vintage trunk was one of my very first big girl purchases. I was moving into a new home all by myself, and the neighbors across the street were having a yard sale. I spotted the trunk and they let me have it for a song. It’s been in storage while I’ve been in […]