this week

In true Lovely fashion, we are jetting around the country again! This week and weekend we’re in Denver, visiting Mr. Lovely’s family — keep an eye out for a Where Am I Now post soon. Other than that, I’m still loving finding new and exciting things about LA. This week my favorite is the way […]


I’m sure you’ve noticed that Lovely Indeed is a big fan of DailyBuzz Style, and we get to hang out over there sometimes! Well, I’m super stoked because today’s 9×9 on DailyBuzz Style is all about Lovely Indeed! Those sweet folks decided to do a little feature on our little ol’ blog, so check it […]

DIY Ikea Chair Restyle

These old Ikea chairs were sitting around in my storage unit, so when we moved back to Cali recently and could finally fit a table and chairs in our apartment, we decided to spruce ‘em up! They were four different colors, so we sanded them down to ready them for painting. I’m sure you know […]


I came across this awesome Calvin Coolidge quote on darling Bekka’s blog and it stopped me in my tracks. Bold, right?! That Calvin Coolidge was really laying it out there. I just have to say, though, I’m not sure if I agree. I’ve seen (and been one of!) millions of persistent people, completely determined to […]

Dude DIY: Arrow Marquee Light

After doing a ton of thrifting and flea marketing when we first moved to LA, Mr. Lovely found himself totally jonesing for one of those vintage marquee lights. They’re pretty popular right now, and you can get a handmade reproduction for a few hundred bucks, but that’s just a little too tough on the pocketbook […]

let’s partner up

You know what that means! Lovely Indeed is always on the hunt for the best and brightest bloggers and businesses to share with our amazing readership. If you’ve got an adorable blog or a gorgeous product that you can’t wait to have featured, let’s talk turkey. So if any or all of that sounds like it’s […]

brighten up // green machine

This entire installment of Brighten Up is all because of that bike! You guys, ever since I can remember I’ve wanted a cruiser bike that cool. I mean, the whitewall tires and the matching seat/handlebar combo and the front basket platform are just too much for me to take! Looks like I need to save […]