diy patio table update

Our new place in LA has a patio. A patio! In New York, our version of a patio was either standing on our death-trap fire escape or sticking our heads out the window. But now there’s a real live patio, just dying to be used. I had this old patio table in storage that was […]

travel // el matador

Yesterday Mr. Lovely and I took the quick trip to Malibu for a little beach time! Have you ever been to El Matador beach? It’s a really cool spot. The beach is backed right up to these gorgeous rocky cliffs and there are caves and rocks that you can climb around and explore. We went […]

brighten up // citron

Sometimes I cringe when I see neon, because as a child of the deep 80’s it reminds me of puff paint and tidal wave bangs in the worst way. But I have to say, these days I see a lot of people doing it right! And one of the rightest ways to do neon right […]

this week

All photos on This Week are from my Instagram feed. For more Instagrammy action, follow me here. Have a perfect weekend! xoxo

oh, i plan on it

Image by Julian Bialowas. I have a friend who has been on a cross-country road trip this summer. She bought a camper for her car, hitched her bike to the back, and just went. I mean, I’m sure she had a plan, but it was so awesome to see her get so pumped about this great […]

style // pencil skirt goes poolside

I know you hear “pencil skirt” and you think “work attire,” but this skirt from Tees by Tina definitely makes my cut for some poolside action! The tangerine color is perfect for summertime, and it’s seriously one of the most comfy things I’ve worn lately. The dolls at Tees by Tina sent a bunch of […]

marriage // tips for year one

So seriously, I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since Mr. Lovely and I tied the knot. I really meant to write more this last year about the first year of marriage, but it just zoomed right by and here we are! But looking back, I’m starting to realize that both of us […]