carpet picnic with skinny cow

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow. All opinions are mine. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors that help keep Lovely Indeed up and running! Did you know that this year is the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing? To celebrate, we threw a carpet picnic and the fine folks at Skinny Cow set […]

this one goes up on the fridge

I’m so proud! If I could cut it out and put it on the fridge with a big smiley face sticker, I would. I contributed to an e-mag for the first time! If you’d like to check out my pages (along with the rest of this beautiful magalog), head over to Society Social and take […]


Hi Guys! I’m super excited to have a guest post today from Becky over at Houzz. If you don’t know it, you should check it out — especially if you’re in the midst of restyling your home in any way. I asked the good folks at Houzz if they had any inspiration for a functional […]

let’s partner up!

Dudes! July is almost here and my new fancy sidebar is just so excited to help you advertise your blog or business. The new site redesign is making the ads really pop, so I’m excited to help feature more cool folks. Check out the Sponsor page or email me for more information. Come party with […]

movin’ on in

We moved into our new digs in Studio City on Monday. I tell ya, hiring movers is the best gift you can give yourself. Every single one of our belongings from NYC was shuttled into our new apartment, and those movers were in and out inside of an hour and a half. (And not a […]

diy inspiration board

Remember these sparkly thumbtacks from last week?  I’m so, so stoked to put them to use this week on my brand spankin’ new, real life inspiration board!  (It’s like Pinterest, but you can touch it.) It’s pretty much as easy as can be.  Grab some cork tiles from your local craft or hobby shop.  I […]

brighten up//dove grey

I hereby proclaim that grey is my new neutral of choice. Actually not so new, but this is my first official proclamation on the matter. And it’s especially lovely when you call it dove grey. It sounds so gentle and soft, doesn’t it? And kind of chic. So let it be known that from here […]