good to know: how to tie an adjustable knot

When it come to parties, UPPERCASE knows how to do it.  At their recent Alt Summit mini party they had tubs of beads, skeins of twine, and other fun goodies set around so folks could make jewelry while they chatted.  I obviously had to make a necklace for my most perfect niece, because she’s starting […]

serious business {cards}

It’s Monday!  And I’m kicking off the week with a special peek at Lovely Indeed’s fancy new business cards.  Let’s start with the what, and then we’ll get to the how. Ta-da!  I thought the rounded-corner, double-sided action was nice, so I definitely wanted to get them professionally printed.  That said, though, they obviously needed […]

adventure weekend

I came across these two amazing pieces of art recently and they wanted to be next to each other. {Adventure by Katie Rodgers.  Sunspots II by Pat Steir.} It’s pretty dreary here, but wherever you are, I hope you have an adventure this weekend!  xoxo

the fire escape

So here’s a fun story (and by fun, I mean awful).  When I take photos in my apartment for all of those DIY projects I do, I usually have to take them on the fire escape because it is literally the only place where there’s any decent natural light (the joys of an airshaft-facing apartment).  […]