Sometimes in the theatre world, there isn’t enough of artists encouraging other artists.  Maybe that’s why I find the Animator Letters Project so inspiring.  Go read a few of the letters that established animators from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and the like have written in encouragement to aspiring animators.  It’s lovely.  Here’s one of them.  xoxo […]

diy stenciled stag painting

There’s a spot in our building, down in the basement, where tenants leave things that they don’t need any more.  It’s kind of like a free, in-house thrift store.  It’s great.  The other day, Mr. Lovely was passing by and spotted this old brown frame with a blank canvas in it.  Being the super-awesome Mister […]


Good Monday morning, ya’ll!  I hope that by now you’ve successfully come out of your turkey coma and are happily going on about your holiday business.  We had a great weekend of relaxing with good food and good buddies, and now we’re back in the game!  So naturally, I thought it would be a good […]