have a great weekend

I just came across this awesome print from Rockett St. George and it made me wonder — whatcha gonna do with your weekend?  Either way, hope it’s perfect.  xoxo

never could do this

I came across this awesome video by Ninian Doff today on Anthology’s blog, and had to share.  It’s kind of crazy and kind of the best thing I’ve ever seen, mostly because I could never figure out how to ride a bike with no hands!  Big ups to these crazy kids who seem to have […]

beautiful fall

There are about a million reasons why fall is so wonderful.  There’s the kids going back to school, which always makes me want to buy pencils and binders.  And then you have the weather cooling, and days getting a little shorter, which somehow makes everything a teensy bit magical.  And there’s that certain smell in […]

diy “heart attack” garland

My sister recently had a birthday.  I gave her a heart attack.  I mean, not literally a heart attack — it’s more like I attacked her with hearts.  Keep reading if you wanna know how to give a heart attack to someone you love. Cut out a bunch of hearts, in different sizes and colors.  […]