coloring book: turquoise

Turquoise is another current favorite of mine — it is such a beautiful, punchy color, but still maintains the cool and calm feeling that blues have.  It makes you feel like you’re looking out over an ocean at sunrise, or like diving headfirst into a crystal clear pool.  And on top of that, how can […]

free printables on the sweetest occasion

It’s Back-to-School time!  And if you’re a parent of little ones, it’s okay to admit that you’re excited about it.  A few hours of peace while your adorable kiddos are off learning about the solar system?  Yes, please!  And to celebrate those few hours, I’ve whipped up a little something special for all of you […]

get busy

A little pick-me-up for your Monday morning, perhaps?  Let’s OWN this week, Lovelies!  (Oh, and I just happen to like the photo on the left.)  I’m getting married this week — shall we do this, or what?!  xoxo Source:  1, 2.