30 by 30 wrap-up

Well, Lovelies, it happened.  I’m 30, and nothing exploded or melted down.  In fact, I have this weird sneaking feeling that my 30’s are going to be kind of amazing.  While I ponder on that for a bit, here’s a breakdown of how things shook out with my 30 by 30.  Did I finish it […]

travel // columbus, oh

This is my third time in Columbus, and the third time that I’ve loved it here.  Even though in the last two days we’ve had rain, snow, wind, and freezing temperatures (in various combinations), I still think it’s a pretty cool city.  My favorite part?  The Short North — a cool little stretch of High […]

annnnndddd… i’m 30.

So as of 5:35 am today, I’ve officially lived 30 years of my life.  If – if — I make it to 90, I’m already one-third done with my existence.  I think I’m cool with that, because I’m pretty sure I’ve stuffed the last 30 years with enough excitement and shenanigans to last a lifetime.  […]