halloween chic

I’m not doing much decorating for Halloween this year, other than our little pumpkin friends.  But if I were to do any, it would definitely be on the luxe side of things.  I’m loving the look of a black and white Halloween palette, maybe with a little gold thrown in for good measure. Sources, from […]

sally homemaker: butternut squash soup

I don’t know what it is about fall, but it just makes me want to go all June Cleaver on everything. (By the way, can we take a moment to honor the late, great Barbara Billingsley, who so graciously provided us with the June Cleaver icon in the first place? Loveliness personified.) I’ve been baking […]

stop motion video: a question

Here she is, folks!  Not only is this the crazy way that we came up with of asking our groomsmen and bridesmaids to be in our wedding, but it’s also part of the 30 by 30!  I am so stoked about this project, and the best thing about it is that it was made with […]

bridesmaids and groomsmen

Mr. Lovely and I are so, so blessed to be surrounded by bunches and bunches of amazing friends.  So we had a tricky time when it came down to asking folks to stand up with us as we tie the knot.  But, knowing that we want to keep the wedding small (well, small-ish) and simple, […]

pumpkin “carving”

Why the quotes around carving, you ask?  Well, we really didn’t technically carve a whole lot of pumpkin this year.  Our first one was a little sugar pumpkin, and because it was so tiny, we decided to go a different route and just dress it up a bit… Anybody recognize the bow tie?  The second […]

fabulous fall

It’s an autumn-tastic weekend here in our little Washington Heights apartment.  I’m heading to my Bestie’s apartment later tonight for dinner, and my assignment was to bring something sweet for afterwards.  My solution?  Some Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread!  Yes, it’s a pre-made mix in a box, but the fact that you get to add eggs, […]

roasted pumpkin seeds

I am of the opinion that half the fun of carving pumpkins is roasting and eating the seeds.  Who’s with me?  I winged it this time around, making up my own seasoning concoction for the seeds, which actually came out kinda tasty!  Here’s what I did. -Rinse pumpkin seeds and dry excess water with a […]