boutique love: catbird

In the last post,  I mentioned Catbird, a lovely little boutique in Brooklyn that carries some of the Bittersweets line.  Can’t pass over this place without including a few photos of all its loveliness!  It has all sorts of funky, delicate, unexpected jewelry, along with other fun finds like cards, candles, and odds & ends […]

engagement story, part ii

Let’s see…  When we left off, we were asking Robin about the possibility of changing the stone in my engagment ring.  She was absolutely wonderful about it, and soon we were picking up the new and improved ring in Brooklyn at a darling little boutique called Catbird, where some of the Bittersweets pieces are sold.  […]

engagement story, part i

So to understand our engagement stories, you’ll need a little bit of background info.  I had told Ryan that I didn’t want a traditional engagement ring – I wanted something delicate, a little funky, and a stone of a different color.  Being the darling guy that he is, he rolled all of those things into […]

up in the air

I’m on a flight. Again. And I have a few things to say. 1. I can’t sleep on planes. And it’s not because I can’t get comfortable. It’s because anytime there’s even the slightest bump or bit of turbulence, I am absolutely positive that we’re in dire peril. This is a recent occurrence. I used […]

what are we doing here?

I’m engaged.  And it’s lovely.  So lovely, in fact, that I’ve decided to chronicle all of the engagement doings – comings, goings, plannings, makings, bakings, sewings, shoppings – from now until the wedding, which is about a year away. My fiancé is Ryan, and he’s a beaut.  We live in New York City.  Ryan’s given […]

rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

Soooo….  I’m engaged.  And it’s kind of awesome.  I’ve been hesitant to blog about it, because it seems kind of personal, and I’m a little bashful.  And while it seems like I divulge a lot of personal information on my blog, if you read some backposts, you’ll realize that it’s not exactly information.  It’s more […]