new yearsies

So, can I just say that the big 2009-2010 switcharoo was probably my favorite New Year’s celebration ever? First of all, I was reunited with my Bestie after the China debacle, and a good time always ensues when Bestos are together. Secondly, we were in Santa Monica, which is such a cool town you can’t […]


So we’re back in NY, and we don’t have jobs, which means we’re on the audition bandwagon. I sang at my first audish back in the city this morning, and I felt pretty good about it, all things considered. It’s approximately hurricane weather outside, which always makes things difficult (especially when you’re supposed to look […]

meet blueberry

This here’s my niece. Her name right now is Blueberry, coined by yours truly, because when my sis told me she was pregnant, the little one was blueberry-sized. And that’s tiny. But here’s how big she is now: I’m planning on being that aunt: the one who has candy and kleenex in her purse, who […]