Things I Miss in China: ice napkins speaking the language that everyone else speaks meat without fat on it meat in general Mexican food paying with a card tap water my personal bubble when in public salads easy internet margaritas So interesting, the things you take for granted!

broadway bootcamp

So, the reality is that there is probably no better class that I could be taking right now to get myself back into shape after being on tour for so long. One of my qualms with coming to China was that I had been really looking forward to just living in the city, taking a […]

retro blog

Only retro inasmuch as I wrote this blog on the plane heading to Shanghai, but couldn’t post it due to lack o’ internet. Here she is. It’s about halfway through the flight to Shanghai, and I think we’re somewhere near the top of the world. At least that’s what it looks like on the map. […]

ni hao and zai jian

off to china tomorrow — heading from Newark to Shanghai, nonstop. i’m sort of all turned around and not sure whether i’m coming or going; these last 2 weeks in the nyc have sort of felt like i’m still on tour and just waiting to go to the next city. i’m crossing my fingers for […]