the glamorous life

gotta be one of the best travel day stories ever: so we all bring our luggage down to load the bus for our travel day from Columbus, OH to Charleston, WV yesterday. there at the curb to greet us are two buses: one that looks like it ferried passengers from California to Tijuana in the […]

overdue lists

it’s getting tense around here again, seeing as how we’re a week away from our second layoff. once more, we seem to be all on each others’ nerves and going a little bit bonkers. so here are some lists to remind myself (and some of those in doraland who shall remain nameless) that it’s really […]

slice of life in birmingham, alabama

so during press the other day, we had some time to stop and go to breakfast at a pancake house. i went to use the restroom, where there were two stalls: one was occupied, and one was locked from the inside with no one in it. seeing as how i didn’t want to crawl on […]