i had the weirdest dream last night. in my dream, i had never quit my teaching job — i had just been taking vacation and sick days for the last two years. i got a call from the principal, saying that i was out of vacation days and needed to come back and teach the […]

thoughts upon waking up in kitchener, ontario

ouch. my neck. what city is this? really? i’m back on tour already? really? it’s may 26th and 48 degrees outside? my feet feel pretty good this morning! so glad i’m on tour with this particular cast. otherwise today would be r-u-f-f. three shows today — take it one act at a time. john and […]

i know, i know

i don’t blog that often! and here’s why i think that’s so: i have too many thoughts in my head to sort through, and i’m self-conscious about putting information that’s so close to my heart out into the world for all to see. i think maybe that’s the purpose of blogging to begin with, but […]