what do i care if icicles form?

Somehow, in spite of some turbulence, trial, and tribulation, this turned into one of the best Christmases ever. Maybe it’s the fact that I chose to forgo running around my hometown in an effort to see anyone and everyone I could, and decided instead to spend concentrated time with a few people who I truly […]

new year’s eve

Not gonna lie, 2008 had some way ups and some way downs. But for my money, it was the best year yet. A few things that I’m thankful for… -becoming a working actor and sticking to my goal of not having to go back to waiting tables (or something else equally as soul/energy/morale-depleting) -finally seeing […]

in my experience…

…I have found that there are too many people who tell you to stand up for yourself and do what you believe in, but then recoil and renege when you actually do. …I have found that so many want you to listen to and respect their cause, belief, or lifestyle, but refuse to offer you […]


New York chose the perfect day in my December to snow for the first time. Today Ryan, Nick, and I found the most perfect tree in all of Manhattan (albeit obtained from a particularly rude hippie), and got it set up & decorated with particularly awesome ornaments (let’s just say that instead of a star […]

The Gal in 2A

I woke up this morning to a sound that I love — raindrops. Which was odd, seeing as how the forecast said nothing about rain. Still, I took it as a weatherman fluke and got up to brush my teeth. Made my way into the bathroom, where I found out that it was indeed raining. […]